In a world of constant change, leadership is about 






Seeing things in new ways, and bring them into action​





Accelerating the impact of leadership development

This program goes to the heart of partnership in the organization life - delving into the deeper reasons for the importance of collaboration and interdependence in current organizational success, the elements that stand in the way and prevent their advancement, and the role of leaders in making it possible.



Barcelona Workshop


Boston Workshop


The program facilitates, through an intense experience, a new way of looking, understanding and advancing. Participants are placed in roles of Senior Executives, Intermediate Managers, Frontline Workers, and Clients, and through the creation of an organization, they are made to live and experience the situations that regularly occur in those positions.



And suddenly everything is very real, like in your day to day


it may not be personal

after all

Our methodology is based on the pioneering work of Barry Oshry and his theory of Systemic Leadership. In his work, he discovered that most organizational problems are not personal, but systemic, that is, produced by contexts.

The path of leadership consists, not in changing the players, but in working with the systemic issues, and achieving sustainable results.

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